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PURITY 1200 Quell ST Starter Kit ,

The ideal solution for those who want to fulfil the highest quality expectations.


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The PURITY C Quell ST uses three different filter sizes to provide a reliable reduction in carbonate hardness and thus in substances forming limescale, as well as unwanted taste and aroma elements and particles. As a result, it ensures optimum product quality and the long operational life of machines. The filters in the PURITY Quell ST series are always the right decision if high flow rates are required.

Your advantages with PURITY Quell ST
  • Targeted prevention of scale deposits and associated machine failure
  • Service and repair costs are noticeably reduced
  • Problem-free use behind domestic water softeners
  • Simple to use thanks to the PURITY replacement cartridge system
  • Specific adjustment to local conditions due to variable by-pass setting
  • Elimination of unwanted tastes and odors in entire filtrate
  • Coffee, espresso and other beverages develop their full aroma

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