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PURITY 1200 Quell ST Replacement Cartridge , ,

Capacity @ 5pg/2,179 gallons

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PURITY 1200 Quell ST replacement cartridge. A large capacity filter for scale reduction in coffee and hot drink machines as well as combi ovens.

The AquaQuell Technology

Specifically reduces the carbonate hardness in the water, preventing scale deposits. Unwanted smells and flavours, chlorine and heavy metals that impair the aroma and the attractiveness of food and drink are removed. Furthermore, the filter in the water safely retains any coarse and fine particles.

Typical capacity

Carbonate hardness Combination steam /
baking ovens
Hot drinks vending
0% 10% 30% 40%
 7°KH (=8.75°e) 12,286 litres 13,3378 litres 18,838 litres
 8°KH (=10°e) 10,750 litres 11,706 litres 16,483 litres
 10°KH (=12.6°e) 8,600 litres 9,364 litres 13,187 litres
 11°KH (=13.75°e) 7,818 litres 8,513 litres  10,499 litres
 13°KH (=16.25°e) 6,615 litres 7,203 litres 8,884 litres
 14°KH (=17.5°e) 6,143 litres  6,689 litres  8,249 litres
 17°KH (=21.25°e) 5,059 litres  5,508 litres  6,793 litres
 19°KH (=23.75°e)  4,526 litres  4,929 litres  6,078 litres


The stated capacities are guide values that, depending on the product volume flow, can vary by ± 20% and also depend on the machine types.

Weight 1 lbs
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