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La Marzocco Strada Classic Espresso Machine

Designed for the modern cafe, with input from baristas

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A lower profile invites customer engagement in a café setting, while also providing the barista an open, expansive work area.

The Strada platform has been designed to encourage creativity and customization so that each machine can be unique.


  • Independent Boilers
  • Pre Heating System
  • Hot Water Economizer
  • Insulated Boilers
  • Auto Backflush (EE & EP only)
  • Digital Display
  • Personalized Color – click here
  • Periscope Pressure Guages (MP only)
  • Thermal Stability System
  • Dual PID (coffee & steam)
  • Ruby Flow Restrictors (EE & MP only)
  • Adjustable, Deep Dip Trays
  • Exposed Groups
  • Proportional Steam Valve (EE & EP only)
  • Profile Editor (EP only)
  • Gear Pumps (EP only)

2 group, 3 group


Electronic Paddle (EP), Semi-automatic (EE), Standard mechanical paddle (MP)

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